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Unternehmensportrait Dr. Brigitte Wolter erschienen in der Aprilausgabe 2015 von DISCOVER GERMANY, The Magazine promoting German, Swiss and Austrian Lifestyle

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brandinvest Corporate Coaching: The growing importance of coaching

brandinvest Corporate Coaching based in the Frankfurt area not only features a classic coaching approach but also helps to find a work-life-balance for those busy in business. Above that brandinvest educates others in how to be a coach.

“The importance of coaching competences is growing”

, says Brigitte Wolter who founded brandinvest in 2003. Brigitte Wolter holds a PhD degree in agricultural science and has worked in management, business and coaching for more than 25 years. She has a wide background reaching from work in the sales department to marketing and corporate communications – always in an international environment. She collected experience in change management and has become an expert in supervision and coaching in areas like visionary leadership and work-life-balance.

Something that is important in her personal life as well: She lives in the countryside about 20 kilometres away from Wiesbaden and loves to combine coaching business with her private pleasures: gardening and taking long strolls – often enough with her partner and her two dogs.

Brigitte Wolter’s clients are managers from all hierarchical levels working in rather different business fields like IT, the food sector or in marketing. She offers customized counselling according to the client’s needs to guarantee a personal or professional development. Among the topics of brandinvest’s coaching are self-management, communication training, job change or conflict management. Brigitte Wolter also helps others to find joy in work again.

“In our society we are at the brink of evolutionary developments, that will lead us from our today’s information society to a society based on interdisciplinary knowledge, awareness and wisdom”, she says. Executive managers ought to be the architects of this new working world and have a special responsibility. Therefore one focus of Brigitte Wolter’s work lies on the development of leadership personalities. “The call for visionary leadership personalities becomes louder”, says Wolter.

Scientific studies have recently proven the importance of coaching especially when it comes to the upper levels of management. This is why Brigitte Wolter educates others in coaching. Not only those who want to become coaches themselves but also for managers who want to be prepared for the challenges of the new working world.

A coach will be able to enhance others’ performances and quality of life. Those training to become a coach will also improve their own skills and strengths.


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