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Coachingprofession: In der Juli-Ausgabe 2016 des Magazins Discover Germany ist ein Artikel über brandinvest Corporate Coaching zum Thema „Coach werden“ erschienen: Becoming a coach: A fulfilling profession that needs maturity, attitude and the right training There are many different reasons why people decide to become business coach – and as many ways into the job. The more important it is to find the right training. Even though some people might be sceptical about what the job title entails, it is indeed a profession that comes with great responsibility. Brigitte Wolter, founder of brandinvest Corporate Coaching, has a long-term experience not only as coach but also as trainer for those who want to become one. When someone decides to become a coach the hardest part is not to find a training course, but to find the right one. In Germany alone there are about 30,000 coaches, consultants and trainers and one can find so many details about coaching that it easily becomes an information overload. The more important it is to work with a well-experienced and… weiterlesen